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About Us

Raser Motorsports (a subsidiary of WCT Performance), formed collectively by like-minded individuals with a passion for grass root motorsports, we establish ourselves as a leading provider of non-competition lapping events for car enthusiasts in Ontario. Our events are held mainly at the following three local circuits: Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga, ON), Shannonville Motorsports Park (Shannonville, ON), and Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Bowmanville, ON).


We focus on providing the best experience for our participants and ensuring they leave our events with a bigger smile than they had coming in. With the support of our past participants, we have now established many connections that will cater to all their needs. We have instructors on-site to provide guidance to beginners and veterans alike; performance part specialists to provide recommendations to improve on lap times; and professional photographers on site to capture the perfect moment. Through thorough drivers’ meeting and a professional marshaling team to enforce the rules, we ensure that all participants are fully aware of the safety rules set forth. We will not hesitate to act upon any one who puts themselves or other drivers in danger.


Meanwhile for those who are more competitive, we will provide you with refreshments while you boast your lap times with others in the pit area. If you are interested but have second thoughts on driving on the track, we urge you to come visit us during one of our events! We would love to introduce you to veterans and instructors for a more personal understanding of motorsports (they might even take you on a ride in their own car!).


We look forward to seeing you on the track, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate and shoot us a message either on Facebook or via email!

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