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Raser Motorsports Coaching Program

Introducing the Raser Motorsports Coaching Program, a service meticulously crafted to guide drivers towards unparalleled performance and mastery. At Raser, we wholeheartedly recognize that transcending as a driver demands more than raw talent alone. That's why we offer an exclusive and immersive coaching program, delivering a full day of meticulous in-car guidance from our revered team of seasoned professionals. Whether you aspire to ignite your racing career or seek to refine your skills as a seasoned veteran, our esteemed coaches will meticulously tailor a personalized training regimen to align with your unique aspirations. With our unwavering devotion to the art of motorsports, Raser is committed to nurturing drivers and unlocking their true potential on the track. Prepare to experience an unrivaled journey of advancement and achievement with the Raser Motorsports Coaching Program, where professionalism and excellence converge.

Introductory Rate: $180
- Approximately 140 minutes of coaching, including in-car as well as post-session debriefing

- Access to top-notch instructors who are not only track veterans but seasoned instructors

- Custom-made curriculum tailored for individual progress

- Coming soon: data acquisition / analyses

- To register, please contact us directly at - as there are limited spots available

Current Coaches Biography

Nikki Chan

With over 20 year's experience, Nikki Chan is best known as the creator of LastTenth, a YouTube channel focusing on how viewers can become faster drivers. Not only is he an instructor with Porsche Club of America and HANSON International Advanced Driving School, but he is also a Performance Driving Coach for endurance racers and sim racers - with multiple students going on to win championships. He specializes in data telemetry and identifies even the smallest mistakes that drivers were previously unaware of, teaching them how they can be corrected. Nikki's driving philosophy stems from fundamental driving principles, rather than following a line. His students encompass first-timers all the way to advanced drivers, helping them to become safer, smoother, and faster.

James Su

James is a passionate high-performance driving enthusiast with a strong aspiration to actively participate in grassroots racing. With valuable experience in BMW Trillium DE and PCA UCR DE, he has developed a solid foundation in high-performance driving.

Having completed the BMWCCA Club Racing School and the Skip Barber 3-Day Racing School, James possesses a deep understanding of racing techniques and vehicle dynamics. He consistently strives for improvement and seeks to refine his driving skills with each performance driving opportunity.


Alongside his personal pursuit of excellence, James is committed to giving back to the racing community. He currently serves as an instructor at JRP and OTA, offering guidance and mentorship to drivers who are looking to enhance their advanced driving techniques. By sharing his knowledge and experiences, James aims to inspire and support the growth of fellow high-performance driving enthusiasts.


James prioritizes the safety and enjoyment of his students, ensuring they have a fun and safe experience while progressing in their driving skills.


With a burning passion for high-performance driving and a dedication to fostering a supportive grassroots racing community, James eagerly looks forward to further engaging in racing opportunities. His expertise, skills, and commitment to safety make him a valuable asset to the grassroots racing scene.

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