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Track Credit System

Tier 1: $1,000.01 to $1,500.00 CAD - 5% top-up
Tier 2: $1,500.01 to $2,000.00 CAD - 10% top-up
Tier 3: $2,000.01 or more - 15% top-up
*Bonus Credits will be added to your account within 1 business day.*

FAQ Regarding Track Credits:

Can Track Credits be used on top of early registration discounts?
Yes! It can be stacked on top of early registration discounts for extra savings!

Will the credits expire?
Track credits do not have an expiry date and can be carried forward to next season!

Can I use the credits to register for someone else?
Yes! You can share it with friends! If you have a few friends who would like to register for the same event, may use the credits to register for yourself and your friends for savings together!

How is this better than the old Track Pass?
The old Track Pass requires you select all the dates ahead of time. The new Track Credit system allows for more flexibility in the registration process so that you may register for any events on our calendar (with availability) at any time; the new credit system also stack on top of early bird discounts. We still recommend that you register early to secure your spot as registration will be on a first come first serve basis.


Jane purchases $2100 worth of credits, Jane will receive a top up of $315 (15%).
Jane's account balance: $2415.00

Jane may now use the credits to register for any events with open spots and take advantage any applicable early bird savings. Jane may also use the credits to sign up for friends so that both of them could enjoy the savings!

Track Credit System : How-to

Register your account at (if you don't already have one)

Provide the following information before continuing: 

First and Last Name, Email, Phone #, Emergency Contact, Vehicle Information

Visit the following link (or click the Raser Logo on the top left)

Find the 'Purchase Track Credits Here' event


Input the amount you wish to purchase. 

Click 'Send to a Track Rabbit User'
Click 'Select'
Enter the email of the account holder in the search field.
Proceed as per the instructions for payment methods. 
The credits will now be available for the account holder upon checking out

Note: If you are purchasing it as a gift for someone, please use 'Send to an email' - the recipient will receive a 'Coupon Code' via email instead of having it loaded to their TrackRabbit account.

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