⚠️COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Dear fans and supporters,

At Raser Motorsports, safety is our top priority. In the rapid changing environment we are faced with today, we will continue to meticulously monitor the situation. We are committed to provide the safest environment at our events for spectators and drivers alike. In the 2020 season, we will be following strict guidelines from Health Canada to ensure that we are compliant to the most up-to-date health standards. 

Rest assured, our events will only take place IF AND ONLY IF:
1. The track is open and operating.
2. We are allowed and able to follow Health Canada's guidelines on social gathering.
3. Our team deems the event to be safe. 

In the case that an event is cancelled, all admissions WILL BE REFUNDED.

During these times, we ask everyone to do their part and flatten the curve. The sooner we have a handle on this, the quicker we can get the season started! Hope to see you on the track soon!

Raser Motorsports Team


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