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⚠️COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Guidelines

At Raser Motorsports, your safety is of our utmost concern and priority. The recent disruption resulted from the pandemic has shaken up the community on a global scale.

It is our intention to closely follow all safety guidelines set forth by the government. In accordance to province of Ontario’s document titled “Framework for Reopening our Province - Stage 1”, Raser Motorsports has set worth the following safety and operational guidelines:

  • All participants are to maintain a minimum of 2 metres from each other. 

  • To ensure minimal social gathering, until further notice our events will not have spectators, passengers, co-pilots or instructors. Exception applies to passenger who is from the same household of the participant.

  • Our driver and safety meeting will be available in the form of a video.

  • Event sign-in procedure will be either done via our tablet (no signature required) and/or physically handed in with a signed waiver.

  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available on site.

  • Our staff will be wearing face masks; we urge all participants to consider wearing one. 

  • We kindly ask those who are feeling unwell and display symptoms of sickness to refrain from participating and to remain at home or contact health authorities. 

  • Our staff members will constantly ensure that all safety guidelines to be followed. We will step in to enforce compliance should a situation arise where we deem not safe or compliant with our guidelines.

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